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DRA Survey – Bella (2013)

Diamond Ranch Academy Survivor Survey – Bella Date of Submission: 8/24/15 Do you wish to grant further testimony to investigators? – Yes. Age and year of admittance – 14, 2013 How long was your stay at D.R.A.? – seven and a half months How long have you been back home? – a little over a […]

Survivor Testimony – Mason R

I went to DRA for 9 months. After my best friend died when i was 16, i refused to get a psychiatric evaluation, and got placed in a impatient mental facility, simply because i didn’t want to talk to a Psych.. I resisted authority while in the Psych Unit, having to be restrained many times, […]

Trying to Understand the Concept – J.S.

Trying to Understand the Concept Sometime around two thirty AM, I heard my mother’s voice. Next thing I know, she was laying on me and softly saying, “Do you remember how I said I would do anything to help you?” Confused I replied with a “Yes?” “Well, these people are here to take you to […]

Homeless / O&A – Janaye K.

Diamond Ranch Academy Survivor Survey- Homeless / O&A – Janaye K. What age were you and what year(s) were you enrolled in Diamond Ranch Academy? – I was 17 when I got there Dec 10,2010 and 18 when I left Oct ?, 2011. I turned 18 June 9,2011 I still stayed even after I turned […]