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Homeless / O&A – Janaye K.

Diamond Ranch Academy Survivor Survey- Homeless / O&A – Janaye K. What age were you and what year(s) were you enrolled in Diamond Ranch...

Diamond Ranch Academy Survivor Survey- Homeless / O&A – Janaye K.

What age were you and what year(s) were you enrolled in Diamond Ranch Academy? – I was 17 when I got there Dec 10,2010 and 18 when I left Oct ?, 2011. I turned 18 June 9,2011 I still stayed even after I turned 18 to graduate, but when they started me over again in my program I left.

Did you experience the Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process? – Yes everyone did!

How long were you in the Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process? – I was in O&A for a month because I didn’t pass my 14days with out getting into trouble for talking or being unable to continue running after throwing up.

What activities were commonly required during the Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process? – Stairs on a two story stairwell. 15 sets of bunny hops,15 sets of 2 foot every step, 15 sets of skip a step, Then another last set of 15 of one of the previous ones! 4 sets of 25 crunches. 4 sets of 25 sit ups. 4 sets of 25 sit-ups with legs strait and lifted 6 in. Off the ground. 4 sets of 25 sit ups with legs strait up in the air. A quarter mile length of lunges, a quarter-mile length of bunny hops, a quarter-mile length of frog hops, a quarter mile length of shuffles. Run 4 miles around the campus. Other then that it was pulling around a cart like a ox. Walking to the Porta potty, since we were not allowed to go inside from sun up to sun down. The only time we got rest was when we were still working,just paperwork though instead over 500 pages of paperwork doby the time you’re 14 days are past. Learning to do a bow drill fire, and crochet a beanie.all of this had to be done to their satisfaction. If it wasn’t we would have to do it again.

What kind of meals were you served throughout the Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process? – Breakfast was oats not cooked just mixed with water no sugar. Lunch was a Piece of bread with a blended mixture of peanut butter and jelly on it. Dinner was a bowl of lentil beans, accompanied by a Saulsberry steak, most of the time it was still frozen and rubbery with no flavor. A glass of milk came with almost every meal. And we had a snack of either a apple or orange between meals. No one really cared how awful it tasted, due to the amount of time we had worked out during the day we were starving. We were not allowed to have seconds or anything more than what they had given us.even if there was still food left in the container we weren’t allowed to eat it they just put it to Waste and make us feed it to the pigs.

Were you ever restrained? Why? – Yes! Because I didn’t want to be alone with a man due to my abusive past. I refused to go into a room alone with him and then was retrained by four males as I fought for what felt like my life because of my past! I kept asking for a women to be there! I kept hyperventilating. Which made me throw up. And because they had their knee in my back pushing down on me I couldn’t breath. I was restrained for probably two hours. Until I was so weak that I couldn’t fight anymore, that’s the only way that they found me compliant under my circumstances, I told them whatever they wanted to hear just so I could be free of the four men sitting on top of me.My rape was in my file, so that nothing like this would happen to traumatize me further. They didn’t care. I was restrained multiple times while I was there but this was the most memorable because it was all man holding me down.

Did you witness restraint? Why was that person restrained? – I only heard a restraint once in the other room and she was screaming. Lasted probably an hour, we had to sit and face the wall that whole time not getting up or going to the bathroom for any reason. They didn’t tell us what was happening either. Just yelled at us to get down and face the wall and we sat there for almost a hour thinking someone is being murdered in the other room. It was actually pretty traumatizing to hear it, I’m sorry for how traumatizing I was for other people I’m sure.

In your opinion, what was the purpose of the Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process? – To break us! We would be to weak physically mentally and emotionally to fight them, Against what was wrong. Plus it was also to scare us into making sure we did everything right so we wouldn’t have to be back there again.

What were you told by staff was the purpose of the Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process? – For them to know what our colors were and to get to know our personality. Even though I find that impossible because we weren’t even allowed to talk which didn’t make sense How they would get to know us.

After you finished the Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process, were you ever dropped back down to “homeless” or sent to RFI? – Yes I was twice after the initial first month that I was in it, they started my program over again when I got a OLS. Which stands for out of line of sight, I got it for running after the soccer ball that went by the parking lot right next to the soccer field which was in line of sight but more than 30 feet away from the staff member, which didn’t make sense because the field was 30 feet away from the staff member already. after my first home visit at director level, I also got dropped back down to O&A Which is when I left.

Was RFI different than Homeless/ O&A? How? – I’m not sure what it was called. If it was RFI? But when people would get in severe trouble they go to an energy released type of thing and it was intense more intense than the normal workouts we are throwing up at. If someone was unable to complete a task in the energy release they would be restrained if they refuse to do it they would be restrained.

Were you strip searched? How many times? – I was strip-searched upon arrival. Changed into the clothes that they provided. Every time we went off campus or to boys campus from girls campus for any reason like going to medical. We had to be strip-searched. After any visits we had to be strip-searched. I tried to commit suicide while I was there. By hanging myself on the shower rod. After that I was strip searched every two hours for three days and left to sleep in my panties and sports bra. Also part of the strip search they would come in and rip my bedding apart. So I would have to get up in the middle the night for them to strip-searched me and then to make my bed again when they were done.

In your opinion, would you consider this process to be therapeutic? This process? As in strip searching? No I do not find it therapeutic. I felt it actually made me more traumatized then when I came in with PTSD from my rape. I told them about it and it was put in my chart. And they also still forced me to have a pap smear. My first pap smear ever.

Did you experience any medical issues while participating in the Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process?

Were those medical issues properly addressed? – I have a allergy that was documented in my chart. They were supposed to give me food that did not have it in it. But they wouldn’t do it anyways. I would have an anaphylactic reaction because they wouldn’t check my food. And we would get in trouble if weDidn’t eat our food. They didn’t have medical check me out or take care of me even when my throat was closing.

If you could recommend any changes to DRA’s Homeless/ O&A/ RFI process, what would it be? – I would just close the entire DRA program altogether. This Program is abusive and non-therapeutic at any point.

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