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DRA Survivor Testimony – Paige S

DECLARATION UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY PURSUANT TO 28 USCA 1746 I, Paige S declare and state as follows: Period of Internment (MM/YY to MM/YY)    ...


I, Paige S declare and state as follows:

Period of Internment (MM/YY to MM/YY)
    09 ( I don't remember exact months)

Declarative Statement
    I was sent to DRA due to refusing to go to school. I was struggling with severe depression 
after being told my parents where getting a divorce, losing all of the things I had known my whole 
life in a week; my step-father (believed to be my real father at the time) kicked me and my mother 
out of the house, we wound up living in a hotel where I also witnessed a shooting as well as the 
death of 2 people. All of that happened in the same week as well as finding out my step father 
wasn't my real dad. Long story short I just wanted to give up, so my mother started showing me 
things about Diamond Ranch it seemed great (however I was not told the length of time). I agreed 
to go thinking a short time away was much needed. When we arrived I was immediately taken from my 
mother without being allowed to say goodbye. I was taken to the blue house by 2 females I did not 
know. The first thing they told me to do was strip down naked (umm excuse me?!) As any normal 
person I refused, after hours of arguing asking to see my mother and being told she no longer had 
any say in what happened with me and I was not going to be able to communicate with her for a while 
so "you better get used to it she's gone" I still continued to refuse. A staff member by the name 
of Bryant (I believe was his name) was called in, he threatened me told me that if I didn't do as 
I was told it would be made much worse they would force me out of my clothes whether I liked it or 
not it was happening. I continued to refuse I had 4 staff slamming me to the ground by the end of 
it all trying to PULL MY CLOTHES OFF! As a 13 year old who had never been away from her mother for 
even a week, let alone something like this it will haunt me to this day! Eventually they quit 
fighting me and allowed me to change on my own in the closet. I'm not fully sure why they gave up 
the fight but they did thank goodness. I was then taken away and thrown into a dorm on my own with 
a staff watching me; I was woken up every hour and annoyed asked a million questions if I was going 
to hurt myself or others and I said no. The next morning I was woken up at 5 am forced to give the 
staff member my shoes as they took my laces from me due to being a suicide threat (ridiculous!) 
I spent a few days in homeless before I was given flip flops. I spent 28 DAYS in those things I'd go 
back to the dorm with bleeding feet crying because it hurt to bad to move my foot, the responses I 
would recieve was not something anyone should be told "suck it up, quit being a crybaby, if you 
don't stop crying i'm gonna give you a check, on and on" It was nightmarish. I spent 36 days total 
in homeless day after day of being restrained over literally anything and everything. The worst was 
a day I refused to take my vitamin. I was dragged outside of the girls big building had 6 staff 
shoving me to the ground twisting my wrist to the point I heard a loud pop and felt nothing but pain. 
I was screaming and crying from it my back was killing me, my wrist was unbearable pain, and I had a 
finger shoved behind my ear pressing so hard I was blacking out. I was told by Brigham that they 
would not stop until I stopped crying. I finally had managed to suck it up long enough to be let out 
of restraint. I immediately said I need to see the nurse, I just knew my wrist was broken (which was 
already starting to bruise severally). And as was common i was DENIED! You could plainly see it was 
broken! But I was refused and forced to do Calestentics *spell with my wrist being messed up. I would 
cry and continuely recieve checks, as well as continue being stuck on watch because "the constant 
crying meant I was a danger to myself and others". While I was still in homeless my therapist Stuart 
(who I owe so much to) came and got me. He had heard about what was going on and allowed me to call 
my mom. He allowed me to tell her everything that was going on; including what had happened. However 
my mom decided I must be trying to get out of staying because she just told me I was lying. Anyways. 
I finally made it inside and decided the only way I was going to make it out of that horrible place 
was to fake it. I spent 10 months at Diamond Ranch Academy and still to this day I have nightmares. 
I'm scared of my own shadow, and can never live a normal life. I have permanent back problems from 
being slammed down a pinched nerve in my neck that has been there since that restraining outside of 
the big building. I spent 10 months and only made it to supervisor. Mostly because I refused to deal 
with there brain washing ways. I refused to do the work they forced because there was no point, the 
staff would still continue to cite non stop. I was forced to down water in homeless that caused me 
to fight continuous UTI's ever since, and I still can't eat rice because it makes me literally sick 
to my stomach. I will forever have nightmares and if I have any say at all it is to SHUT THIS PLACE 
DOWN! I will never be the same. I am however thankful for my therapist Stuart as well as one of my 
teachers Mr. Doug I owe them both my life literally because if it wasn't for them and the advice i 
recieved I will whole heartedly admit I would not be alive to this day. I know it's not the best and 
very jumpy but this is my testimony of what I went through while there not in whole but the parts I 
believe are the most needed to be known. 

I give DRASurvivors permission to use this statement.  I declare under penalty of perjury that the 
foregoing is true and correct.  Executed on(date: MM/DD/YY)<br /> 10/15/2014


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