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Sexual Abuse and DRA’s “Shark Lawyers” – Survivor Statement

DECLARATION UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY PURSUANT TO 28 USCA 1746 I, Samuel Ferrara, declare and state as follows: Period of Internment (MM/YY to MM/YY)...


I, Samuel Ferrara, declare and state as follows:

Period of Internment (MM/YY to MM/YY)
Nov 2002 – Sep 2003

Declarative Statement
I was at DRA for 11 months, and while I was never physically abused, the verbal/emotional/mental abuse was there and I did see other people physically abused. I left DRA during the myspace years  and started a group meant to keep me in touch with a handful of friends I made there. Membership quickly mushroomed and I soon had hundreds of DRA alums organized into a group. Soon I had to close the membership and hand check every single applicant, because staff members from DRA were disguising themselves as former students and gathering information. They kept an eye on what people were saying about them, they spread misinformation, and more. When I was contacted by a girl named Sara (last name withheld), things got strange. Sara was a survivor of Mormon polygamy, and the Dias family, who own DRA, fostered her for a time. During that time, she alleges that Rob Dias sexually molested her. She referred me to an appearance she made on Larry King. It seemed legitimate to me, so I shared the information with the group. Within a week I was contacted by Rob personally. The conversation went from him wishing me well, asking about my life and how I was doing to him telling me about Sara and how she was an alcoholic (I was sent to DRA for drug addiction, so he wasn’t gaining any sympathy from me) how she lead a “deviant lifestyle” and making other attempts at character assassination. All the while, he danced around the actual question I kept drilling him with; “Did you sexually molest Sara (withheld) or not?” Eventually he said “NO” but it took a while to get an answer out of him. After this stage of the conversation, he nonchalantly moved on to his next point. He told me about his team of “shark lawyers” whose job it was to “hurt people like you” and then he basically told me to keep my mouth shut. I was not impressed with this threat in any way, and nothing ever came of it. Yes, I kept running my mouth. (obviously)

Rob Dias is a criminal. He hides behind this facade of wanting to help the kids, but the few who really get to know him see him for what he is- another slimy, greedy crook. Everyone who’s been at a graduation ceremony at DRA can tell you about his signature crocodile tears.

I could go on to detail specific injustices committed, but I’m pretty sure there are plenty of easily accessible records. Anyone who has been fighting this place long enough should probably recognize my name, and I can probably prove my affiliation with DRA, if anyone requires.

I give DRASurvivors permission to use this statement.  I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.  Executed on(date: MM/DD/YY)<br /> 8/17/12


  1. Charise Simmers 30. Oct, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    Hello there,

    Could the author of this statement please contact me I need to speak with you about your time at DRA. I have a son there now and he has been telling me some of the same things that I have been reading online. I would also like to speak with you about Sara if possible. Please contact me.

    Thank you,
    Charise Simmers

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