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DRA Survivor Statement

DECLARATION UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY PURSUANT TO 28 USCA 1746 I, Anon declare and state as follows: Diamond Ranch Academy Period of Internment (MM/YY...


I, Anon declare and state as follows:

Diamond Ranch Academy

Period of Internment (MM/YY to MM/YY)
1 year

Declarative Statement
I have been poisoned be student workers who made food. Not myself specifically but the whole team of homeless students. The person cooked rice in dish sanitizer and was caught later on for it. His name was Andrew. He was there longer then me. When I was suffering from the sickness of the tainted food I was denied the right to use the bathroom. The homeless person Matt told me I have to work on my assignments to get exclusive privilege to use the bathroom. I told him I am super sick and cannot focus. I was then put on run watch because of my disobedience of standing up and was also failed that day.

This same person made me tape a child named Isaiahs hands together with duct tape like hand cuffs. He had me tape his hands because the child had mosquito bites which he kept scratching and causing infections. When it came time to eat hours later I had to spoon feed Isaiah. It wasn’t that bad being the child stopped eating due to his mental state. Staff Matt told Isaiah he will only tape one hand if he eats half his food. After he agreed to do this and proceeded too then Isaiah found a way to itch the infected bites and he had me tape gloves onto his wrist and then tape his hands together putting tape up his arm. I said it will rip off his scabs if i did this when you remove the tape and the staff said that its better then scratching it with dirty fingers. This was done for the whole day starting in the morning. The temperature was 100+ and the child had to walk like this for 5+ miles.

This person slept on the top bunk of my bunk bed and would wet his bed. It took 3 months for the night staff to report this after urine would drop on my bed and my body. Instead of replacing the mattress the staff put a cover over it made of plastic. That mattress smelled of urine and it never stopped. Then the inspector came and they hid 40 mattress in the gym. I screamed at the inspector there hiding the mattress in the gym and he did hear me but nothing happen.

The person handling the water filtration is just a simple construction worker. I noticed they have many water contamination violations. They should have mold contamination from all the food on the ceiling in the kitchen that they never removed.

After making a previous survivor statement I was called by the son of the ranches owner Ricky Dias and told I am a pussy.  After he called me a “pussy” he then tried to threaten me. After hanging up a police officer called and said I was not allowed to comment on Diamond Ranch or be in contact with anyone. The officer said he was hurricane police department.  I can easily prove this call was made by the subpoena of Rick Dias’s phone records and use my area code as a way to find his outgoing calls.

I give DRASurvivors permission to use this statement.  I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.  Executed on(date: MM/DD/YY)<br /> 02/26/14

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