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Survivor Testimony – Mason R

I went to DRA for 9 months. After my best friend died when i was 16, i refused to get a psychiatric evaluation, and got placed in a impatient mental...

I went to DRA for 9 months. After my best friend died when i was 16, i refused to get a psychiatric evaluation, and got placed in a impatient mental facility, simply because i didn’t want to talk to a Psych.. I resisted authority while in the Psych Unit, having to be restrained many times, however when i thought i was going home, i was awoken in NY by these big Samoan guys with “federal children transport badges”, who told me i was going to a different school……. I had no idea what was happening…then we got on a plane to Las Vegas and drove for a really long time. I arrived there at DRA at around 4-5am, and was told, during my initial check in by a fat guy named Jake, that my sleep would be compensated for and that i would be allowed to sleep in.. This was not true. For i was awoken at 6 or 7am with the rest of the ‘’homeless”. I arrived there on 4/21/07.. there is actually a 911 call from Juvee probation to prove it on that . I didnt want to talk about my friends death to this therapist Michael Caleb Steele, so i wouldn’t, but he told 3 times that if i keep asking to go home, i would restart my program from the beginning. I received way too much isolation. I wanted to commit suicide, but didn’t want to fail and have to go through suicide watch. I thought about it a lot, and the only way i could figure out how to do it was to drink the chemicals in the cleaning locker that all “dorms” have—but i didn’t think that would work. I now face difficulties with PTSD and couldn’t continue my education in college because of the reminders of the time i had at DRA. I’ve had sleep issues for the past 4 years. Im 21 now. and still living at home.

They used to have a citation for homosexual acts. But they changed it because of changing laws, however they just gave it a different code, and still functioned as citation.

But what was the scariest part was the football. You are essentially coerced into playing football. Ricky Dias and his brother Robbie would take the football team on trips on a bus while we watched movies and ate junk food, something no one else would get. They used line us up in parallel lines and have us run full speed at each other. If you were a big guy, you would be forced into playing football.. If you need anymore info, id be glad to provide. But as i really want a full refund, I’m afraid to come out in opposition to these child abusers because i don’t wanna get sued for defamation like those other families .

Also during religious services, they were very limited choices and guidance, most notably for the “non-denonminational” services. Its almost like you’re coerced into becoming a Mormon the way the non denom services are run.

I’m here if you need me. Ill answer any questions you have. However i should mention the information on the Heal-online website about the dates of caleb steeles employment IS incorrect.

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