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Survivor Testimony

Survivor Statement – Paige

…he threatened me told me that if I didn’t do as I was told it would be made much worse they would force me out of my clothes whether I liked it or not it was happening. I continued to refuse I had 4 staff slamming me to the ground by the end of it all trying to PULL MY CLOTHES OFF! As a 13 year old who had never been away from her mother for even a week, let alone something like this it will haunt me to this day!

Survivor Statement – Samantha

Jim Shirey died while I was there, but I wasn’t allowed to tell me mom about it, and my first week there the girls in my dorm poured water in my shoes, and urinated in the bathtub if they knew it was my turn to clean it…

Survivor Survey – Cassandra

This was honestly the most traumatic and degrading experience I have ever had to go through. They took everything I own and all of my rights. I remember trying to fight back tears so that I could do my calisthenics, eat my food, do long, grueling work projects, and get through the back breaking day. I never had enough time to wash my hair properly because the showers were only 3 minutes long, and had dirty hair with un-rinsed conditioner built up on my scalp for weeks. I hardly spoke the entire time, because I was so scared of being punished for accidentally saying the wrong thing.

Survivor Statement – Zach

I have so many Negative experiences I neglect to share because of their uncivilized manner it was almost a cult of antagonizing bullies.

Survivor Statement – J.S.

Our parents had been scammed in their weakest moments, and we were being broken, refused basic human rights— like going to the bathroom— and were being brainwashed to follow orders.

Survivor Statement – Anonymous

Diamond Ranch Academy has shown nothing but a true manipulative effort to steal money from parents, make an arguably illegal contract and hurt parents kids all because they just want their f***ing money

Survivor Statement – DRA Survivor

After making a previous survivor statement I was called by the son of the ranches owner Ricky Dias and told I am a pussy.  After he called me a “pussy” he then tried to threaten me. After hanging up a police officer called and said I was not allowed to comment on Diamond Ranch or be in contact with anyone. The officer said he was hurricane police department.

Survivor Statement – Anonymous

My family still has no idea about some of the things I witnessed there do to the fear I still have from that facility. Please don’t make the mistake of sending your child there.

Survivor Statement – Sam

He told me about his team of “shark lawyers” whose job it was to “hurt people like you” and then he basically told me to keep my mouth shut. I was not impressed with this threat in any way, and nothing ever came of it.

Survivor Survey

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HEAL Investigates Diamond Ranch Academy

Message from HEAL Director Angela Smith:

HEAL is a network of individuals and families that have been harmed by fraudulent and abusive behavior modification programs.  Diamond Ranch Academy has been on HEAL’s watch-list since 2004.  Dozens of individuals and families have reported to us that Diamond Ranch Academy is abusive.  In addition, Diamond Ranch Academy has been repeatedly cited by the Environmental Protection Agency for violating the Safe Drinking Water Act.  HEAL also believes Diamond Ranch Academy is a fraudulent program based on our review of Diamond Ranch Academy’s enrollment agreement.  To learn more, keep reading or visit and – Diamond Ranch Academy – Survivor Statements:

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